Testimonials from Corral Kennel Previous clients. 
We have placed this Testimonial Page at the request of our clients, whom thought people needed to know about us. Thank You to our clients for allowing us to provide them with their excellent, life-long Rottweiler companion. We are fortunate to have some of the finest clients in the world, with a 100% satisfaction rate.

After our male rottweiler Rogue passed away, my husband James and I were heartbroken and we weren't sure when we'd be ready to bring another canine companion into our lives. Exactly 9 months later, James forwarded me the website for Corral Kennel. We are very impressed with the dogs we saw one the website and with your overall temperament with family and grand kids. By the next day we were already settled on which puppy we wanted to buy and we paid for Captain.  The whole experience was wonderful with Corral Kennel very honest up front people top notch. Once again, thank you Brock and Mellissa for everything you have done for our family.

James M. Rutherford
San Diego, CA 92117

Being a newly wed couple starting a family, my wife and I did a lot of research on breeders that produce the healthiest, most beautiful pups, with great temperament that would fit into our growing family and we found exactly that with Corral Kennel.
Bullet is now 6 months old and an he is an amazing addition to our family, he is our first baby. He is in great health as confirmed by our VET and he has an amazing temperament and is truly is a gorgeous puppy. 

We have had a more than fantastic experience with Corral Kennel. Their knowledge, and excellent service is driven by their great passion for American Bullies. This is what makes them the best. I would recommend them to the highest degree for anybody looking for a Bullies to add to their family.

Thank you once again Brock and Mellissa.

Tommi Sasi
Madison, WI 53718

If your looking for a rottie, there’s no better place then Brock and Mellissa at Corral Kennel. From the moment we met these guys they made us feel like old friends. We picked a male puppy from them at a very affordable price and shipping was easy. Our dog is almost 9 months old now, great temperament, loyal, smart, getting huge and big block head. Brock and Mellissa every since that day have gone above and beyond making sure our puppy was healthy, fed right, was up to date on shots, and most of all that we were happy with our pup. Look no further for a breeder because these guys are by far the best.
We want to thank you immensely (Brock and Mellissa) for this wonderful friend Trapper.

Elizabeth D. Gorman and Fransisca D. Bartel
Austin, TX 78749

I think what makes Corral Kennel great is that aside from world class dogs, they are world class people. They have a genuine interest in all of their dogs. There are many choices when it comes to selecting a Corral Kennel Bully. Everywhere you turn there seems to be a breeder that claims to have the best, the healthiest, and the most titled dogs. The process of finding the perfect puppy can leave your head spinning, wondering if the breeder is really reputable or just another backyard breeder. If you want a breeder that knows the breed, whose dogs look amazing, provides constant breeder support, has immaculately clean kennels, feeds the best food, stands behind their dogs, and most importantly provides a healthy dog, you really do not need to look any further. From day one, Corral Kennel has been there for me. Anytime I have needed any advice or help I get an immediate response. I cannot say enough how important it is to have lifetime breeder support, and Corral Kennel provides that without making you feel like you are just another client, on the contrary i feel like a family to these people. They handle shipping like the pros and dog lovers they are. In just 4 days i got my puppy and have been happy ever. Thank you so much Mellissa and Brock.

Merja Noronen
Boise, ID 83702

Corral Kennel has given us a pup that is smart, sweet, in good health and super playful. Our time choosing a puppy through them was very easy and smooth thanks to the great communication between Mellissa, Brock and the other Corral Kennel trainers.  We are definitely going to be adding an addition to our family in the future with another puppy from Corral Kennel.

Tommi Sasi
Madison, WI 53718

You guys have always been open and available to answer any questions we may have and I think it is safe to say Corral Kennel is by far an outstanding breeder and we would highly recommend them to any of our friends looking to grow their fur baby family. Joplin is hands down the most well-tempered, sweet and affectionate dog. She has been such a wonderful addition to our family. We couldn't be happier without our puppy. We were also impressed with how Brock and Mellissa keeps in touch with us and keeps up to date on Jophin.

Ronald L. Morales
Toronto, ON M5H 1P6

Corral Kennel You guys are by far one of the nicest kennels we have been to. The dogs were amazing and well cared for. I was really impressed with the ranch and all the beautiful Bullies. We are so impressed with her that we will be purchasing another puppy from you in the very near future. We would recommend you to anyone.

Augusto Ybarra Vall
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

You are absolutely amazing and my family loves you for all of the hard work you put into your sweet babies. Look how much happiness you have blessed me with. i was so lonely before but now no more. Finding you was an absolute blessing for me. The raw meat diet is a must it is time consuming but worth every minute of it. I can't say enough great things about it. You are a true angel and my family loves you for everything you have done and still do to help us with Sheba. We have bonded so well and are looking forward to having him as our lifelong companion.

Albert T. Murrieta
Ste Agathe, QC J8C 1J5

Everywhere we go, people are in awe. He's beautiful. He's powerful. He's fast. He's agile but more than his physical characteristics, it's his temperament and overall disposition that we're most proud of. If you are looking for a family dog, a working dog, an intelligent, powerful dog then you have come to the right place. I hope and pray for you that they have puppies available for you, if they do, don't blink.
We can't say enough about Corral Kennel. We certianly can't thank them enought either. This is our first from them and definitely will not be our last. They invest quality time in their breeding and make sure you are getting a top quality American Bullies.

Dawn J. Cruz
Toronto, ON M1L 3K7

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