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This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which collects, discloses, maintains and uses information collected from users.
Personal identification information. 

Corral Kennel ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website. 

Corral Kennel are concerned about your privacy as you might also be curious about how your data is being used. The customer's privacy is our priority and we value their data. The personal data is only used for those means which are described below. This way will make our customers consistent as the obligations and laws are mentioned.

Please go through the following information and get complete know-how about the usage of your data that is demanded by the customers. This guide will help you in learning about how your data is used by the website.

Here is the complete guide to the privacy information about how it is used, proceeded and held. The laws related to the usage of personal data are also described here.

What personal data do we collect?

The personal data is only demanded if the customers voluntarily make us do so. If a customer wants to order something, to complete that order some personal information is required to proceed with that procedure. The personal information demanded from the customer is his/her name, address to deliver, e-mail address telephone number, billing address, and occupation. We then make the record after the customers’ contact.

IP addresses and cookies:

When you are about to browse on the computer some sets of numbers are allocated to that computer which is an IP address. This IP address work on its own by logging in and having a look at the traffic and adjusting the visits of servers. IP address is not for accessing the customers in personal ways. The website only uses cookies to differentiate one user from the other. It is also used to keep a track. The only purpose of these cookies is to provide the customers with great experience and to make improvements for them.

Your rights and Opting out

 It is your right that you can demand about not processing personal information for marketing purposes. Informing you about the usage of your data is in our policy. You will also be informed if we are about to disclose your information to third parties. option out option is only available for you if you want to prevent your data from disclosing. You can get a complete guide for opting out by the help of your email within 24 hours.

Our website contains links or ads that used to appear from time to time. These links are from our partners and sponsors. The responsibility of that link is not ours as they do have their privacy policies. Please check properly before visiting that websites and before providing them with any personal information.

Access to information:

You can access your information at any time and can make changes to your data to keep it up to date. You must have to contact us on the website to proceed with this process. Additional charges may be held in changing the information that you provided.

Your rights:

Following are the right that you will work in favor of yours:
● You have the right to get complete information about the collection and use of data that you provided. You will get notifications from the privacy notice about every event, you can also ask some additional queries if you have any.
● You have the right to access personal information.
● You can also make some changes in the personal information to keep it up to date if the data has some inaccurate information.
● The right to forget is also available for the customers that will help you to delete data or to dispose of the personal information. This right to prevent might be helpful for you.
● You also have a right of objection on the usage of your data in any means.
● Data portability is also in the customers' rights which means that we will take consent from you to use the personal information that you have provided. Or this procedure may also occur by making you sign on a contract. You can also demand a complete copy of how your data is using in various means.
● If you have any query contact us on our email and help us in making improvements.
● If you are reported about the personal usage of your data against your will, you can go for complaining about this action to the Information Commissioner's office.

Following is the data that we demand from you:
● Name:
● Address:
● Email address:
● Telephone number:

How do you use my data?

This query has a lawful basis under the observations of GDPR. This law will let you know about the personal use of our data. The data is only used if we have signed a consent with you or if the usage of data is necessary to perform certain tasks. Other than this the legitimate business deals could also make us use your data. Following personal data will help to get information about using personal information:

To supply products to you your personal information is used. The use of information is necessary here as without that delivery cannot be possible. We also need to communicate with you on emails and contact numbers.

The personal data is also used for marketing purposes but only by your permission. You will not receive any spam or unlawful use of data for marketing purposes. Under the observation of GDPR, your personal information is protected. Also Privacy and Electronic Communications, 2003 will be helping you to opt-out.

Do you share my data?

Your data will not be provided to any of the third parties and we are concerned about this regard.

However, in some situations, we might require to use your data legally with the consent of yours. The personal information might also be used for legal proceedings or any government procedures.

To proceed with the supply services we might also need to provide data to third parties. but only in the case of delivery, marketing, or any payment processes. They can also access your information for these purposes.

How can I access my data?

Subject access request is a procedure to provide you with access to your data and about how it is being used.

Google Ads remarketing service is provided by Google Inc.

This website works by using the Google Ads remarketing service for advertisement purposes for past visitors. This does not mean that we are using those past visitors that had not completed a task on our website. This procedure can only occur in the form of any advertisement that is appearing on google or for the Google Display Network. These third parties include the use of cookies and service ads. And of course, the data is collected as per your privacy policy and the google's privacy policy.

You can also opt-out whenever you want to and adjust the display advertising by visiting this website

Analytics and advertising google analytics

The other name of google analytics is cookies. These are text files that will be analyzing the use of the website and will allow you to access various functions. The information about the usage of these cookies is then provided to the google server present in the USA.

You can prevent these cookies from storing text files on your computer by going to the settings. But we will not recommend you doing so because it can affect the functionality of that website. You can also prevent this data about the use of that website. This can be done by downloading, installing, browser plug-in or the collection of data.

This prevention can also be made by selecting the google analytics. An opt-out option is also available to prevent your data from collection. Just select Display Google Analytics for this purpose.

Changes to our privacy policy

You can check this privacy policy on and off to keep yourself up to date about the various rights. Your consent is required to abide by the rules of privacy policy. This privacy policy will be updated after any modifications made.

If there is any material change made in this privacy policy you will be notified about that. you will see a prominent notice on our website. 

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this site, please contact us at:
Corral Kennel
This privacy policy is effective from Friday, July 2020.
It will remain effective despite some of the changes that are made in it. Those changes will be posted to the website then.

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