Corral Kennel American Bullies

These bloodline are known for producing large block heads, good bone, and substance.

Icon’s “Little Ms. Piggy,” or as we like to call her – “Piggy” – is the foundation female for what is considered by many in the American Bully world to be the very best strains of the modern Razors Edge bloodline. Producer of producers, Piggy has created a legacy for herself that rivals that of the all-time greats! With limited breedings, Piggy was able to outproduce herself in creating amazing, near perfect specimens such as Champion “Ivy,” Grand Champion “Boss Bitch” and our very own up and coming stud, “MegaMan.”

David F.


Simply put, Mia is the founding mother of our breeding program! PitKrew would not be PitKrew if it were not for our ability to extract the very best of her rare genetics. Mia is the ULTIMATE producer, out-producing herself EVERY TIME no matter the stud. Her most famous son, IceMan, alone would qualify her as a legend by most but she was more than just a one-hit wonder. Producing such high quality dogs as our very own “Absolute”, “MooMoo” and ABKC Champion “Domino,” Mia was able to set the foundation for our legacy of excellence in the American Bully World. We owe PitKrew to Mia for all she has done for us. She is now living the retired life and is still the loving mother she was created to be!

Julie C.


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