Who we are

We are a family-owned kennel providing top-quality bullies with locations in:

Elkhart, Indiana
Lafayette, Indiana
Akron, Ohio
London, Ontario, Canada
Danville, Quebec, Canada

Our bullies have won many awards and have made great additions to families across North America. We are also members and proud supporters of the following:

A modular approach

We love the American Bully breed and we aim to better them as a whole. Our journey started with just one dog as a pet. Soon after, one Bully became two, and then we found ourselves joining in competitions with many dogs and friends who share the same love for American Bullies.

All of our pups are examined and vaccinated by licensed veterinarians, micro-chipped and de-wormed before they move into their new homes.





Training and Socialization


Corral Kennel

If you will notice, we do not keep stud dogs for breeding our dogs, we find it much more beneficial to take our bitches to the best American Bullies in the world .We will go to great lengths to find the most suitable stud, regardless of where they are located. We pair up with whats best, not whats available.

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